Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prayer Warriors Needed

Prayer Warriors Needed. 
As a community let us pray for your intentions and other intentions as well. 
Please take time to post a comment below.


  1. please pray Kathy Brody and her mother, Kathy. My friends mother is ill. my friend love's her mother dearly and is asking for prayers for her mother's healing and ease of pain as she suffers during her current illness. thank you mary for your help and intersession. sincerely, carol m. nj

  2. please pray for evan annese. he is 5 years old and has just had his last series of cancer treatment for a rare kidney tumor. he is the youngest of three children. he has a very loving family and his mother and father have been a wonderful influence in my life as teachers and friends. evan has a beautiful smile and a wonderful loving spirit. please pray that his cancer is removed and that he heals through this last series of treament and can return to school and family life. sincerely, carol m. nj.

  3. Prayer request
    For the last 18 months, we have been trying our best to find a spouse for our son George,but following various hurdles and misfortunes,none of the proposals received were reached a successful conclusion.Recently a marriage proposal came for our son George from parents of girl named Annu V Paul and we all liked the proposal.We now pray to Almighty to enable our son to marry Annu V Paul as soon as possible,for which we have to get a positive reply from the parents of Annu V Paul.I beg you pray and do the needful for the fulfillment of our wish.Thanks very much for your cooperation.