Sunday, May 1, 2011

Answered Prayers-Post it Here

Answered Prayers. 
As a community we prayed. 
Please take time to post a comment for your answered prayers below.


  1. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of St. Therese and thank you for answering her prayers on our behalf. Continue your blessings on me and my family. I beg you to hear my prayer and send me someone to share my life with.. someone who will make me smile and not cry.

  2. Thank you Jesus for St. Martha's miraculous novena. Recently I came across a little booklet that had St. Martha's miraculous novena on one side and an image of St. Martha on the other. It belonged either to my mother or grandmother. I was in great need of selling my house and moving somewhere else and decided to pray this novena to St. Martha for help. She truly is miraculous! I prayed that she would help me sell my house quickly and to let the offer be over a certain amount. Within a month, someone came and put in an offer and it was over the amount I begged for. I also asked that no complications come up in the selling of it. The people who wanted my house ended up paying the full amount in cash. I asked St. Martha to please let there be no hurricanes or bad storms to come near the house before closing. The closing is early next week and there is a tropical storm out there but it will not come till the end of next week and doesn't look like it will come this way at all. No other hurricanes or bad storms have come here. The closing of my house was supposed to be next Wednesday. The lady at the attorney's office where we signed papers at about the house told us that the people who want to buy it moved the closing date a day earlier which would be a Tuesday. Exactly a week before St. Martha's novena ends! And I thought it also extraodinary that the closing would be on a Tuesday, the day I pray the novena to St. Martha. And, it turns out that St. Martha's feast day is the day before the closing! On Monday July 29th!
    Jesus has answered all of these prayer requests through St. Martha's powerful intercession before the nine Tuesdays have ended. She truly is a miraculous Saint and I've been spreading devotion about her ever since. She truly answers prayers, no matter how difficult before the 9 Tuesdays are up. I'm still making prayer requests and her novena hasn't ended yet. And passing out prayer cards that I found on the internet in Catholic online stores. And thanking St. Martha so much for her incredible intercession especially at this time. And thanking and praising God for His awesome Goodness and Mercy for answering my needs and in such a quick way. God is so good! I would highly recommend to anyone who has a great need, to pray St. Martha's miraculous novena and spread devotion about her. She is amazing! Thank you St. Martha! And thank you Jesus!

  3. Pl pray for me to overcome my financial problem and depression.