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Opening Song:
St. Anthony de PaduaTO CHRIST OUR KING
To Christ our King, we sing this hymn:
Our grateful hearts we raise,
For Anthony, before his throne
Exult in joy and grace.
He followed close the Father’s word;
From him, he never turned.
His miracles a light to all
To faith the lost recall.
O gentle saint, tell him our needs;
His children too are we.
O ask him now to grant our pray’rs
And we at peace shall be.
This grace we beg of God on high,
The Father with the Son
The Holy Spirit of His love
Now and forever more.

All: AMEN.
            Almighty and eternal God * who glorify your faithful confessor St. Anthony * with the perpetual gift of working miracles * graciously grant that what we confidently  seek through His merits * we may surely receive by His intercession.  We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


            Our God and our all * we believe and hope in you * we shall not be confounded; we love you above all things * and we are sorry for having sinned.  * May we rather die than offend you again.  * Take away our lives before we may separate from you * Give us a perfect contrition for our sins and tears to erase them. * Enrich us with your love and with perseverance in Your service. * Let our evil habits die and may our virtues flourish anew. * Make us imitate our glorious protector Saint Anthony * through whose intercession we ask you to remedy all our needs, spiritual as well as temporal, * especially what we ask now * if it is for your greater honor and glory and for the salvation of our soul.  Amen.


(Please be seated)
            We salute you St. Anthony lily of purity, ornament and glory of Christianity.  We salute you, great Saint cherub of wisdom and seraph of divine love.  We rejoice at the favors our Lord has so liberally bestowed on you.  In humility and confidence we entreat you to help us for we know that God has given you charity and pity as well as power. 
            Oh, then, behold our distress, our anxiety, our fears concerning our salvation.  We ask you by the love you feel, toward the amiable little Jesus, when He covered you with His caresses, to tell Him now of our needs.  One sigh from that breast He so honored, will crown our successes, will fill us with joy.  Oh, remember how complete your bliss was, as you did hold Him to your breast, pressed your cheek to His, and listen to His angelic voice.  Think of this, and hear us for His selfless love.  If we could behold you ,  we would bathe your feet with respectful tears and tell you all we feel, all we fear for our salvation.  But to see you is not granted to us, therefore, we salute you in spirit.  O glorious favorite of God, and bow down our guilty heads before you in humble reverence, while we raise our sad hearts full f hope toward heaven and you for He Who so often put Himself in your arms will now fill your hands with all we ask of you.  Give us, then, what we desire, angel of love and we will publish your grandeur thereby honor and glorify Him who so blessed you.  Amen.


Saint Anthony, we turn to thee
When troubles sore, distress
Sure of your love for you didst know,
The Child’s soft caress,
For you didst hear his gentle voice,
Didst clasp him to thy breast,
Didst feel his pretty cheek ‘gainst thine,
His arms about thee pressed.
O gentle Saint tell him our needs,
His children too are we,
O ask Him now to grant our pray’rs
And we at peace shall be
We would, O blessed Saint, with thee
The Holy Child adore
With hearts as pure as thine dear Saint,
Now and forever more.
(In keeping with the Liturgical season)
Priest: O Most High Glorious God, you sent your Son to redeem us by dying on the cross, to take away our sins and to give us new life.  Through Him give us the grace to be reconciled to you and to one another that we may be at peace and offer sacrifices of praise together with your angels and our Patron , St. Anthony of Padua.  We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ  who lives with you and the Holy Spirit one God forever and ever.
All: AMEN.


(To be prayed everyday during the Novena)
            O Holy Saint Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and charity for His creatures made you worthy when on earth, to possess miraculous power.  Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or in distressed.  Encourage by this thought, we implore of you to obtain for us…(mention the request)
The answer to our prayer may require a miracle, even so, you are the saints of miracles.  O gentle and loving Saint Anthony whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper our petition into the ears of the sweet infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms, and the gratitude of our hearts will ever be yours.


            Glorious Saint Anthon, God accompanied you I your childhood with a ray of heavenly light and gave you the grace to resist from every sensual attraction.  Come and help us to control our senses so that we may not be deceived by earthly delights.  Despite our promises how half – hearted we still are!  With all God’s goodness to us and with the many proofs we’ve had of his love, how often we hesitate and doubt Him.  Please procure for us some of your steadfastness and determination to resist evil and do good.  Help us to give up our desire for power and control.  Keep us from a merely intellectual faith and may we be totally dependent on Jesus as you were.  Let us know clearly all the other benefits which are hidden so that we may seek Him in all things and find Him as the only joy of our lives.


            Good St. Anthony servant of God, You were inflamed with the desire to sacrifice your life for the cause of Jesus’ message.  The Lord made the Scriptures a glowing flame in your mind and heart.  Your sermons were filled with the words of the Lord.  May we listen to the same Lord speaking to us in the Bible with the same reverent openness as you had.  Let the same flames of your love set our hearts ablaze and cause tears of repentance upon listening to God’s Word.  May we feel the presence of Jesus in the Scriptures just like the people of your day when you preached that word of God to them.  Let the fire of your tongue inspire our cold hearts and embrace Him who gave His life to us.


            Dear St. Anthony, seraph of love and extraordinary example of Christian life, help us to be strong like you.  In search of God’s infinitely sweet presence, you often lived in solitude and silence to enjoy a foretaste of paradise.  Our special protector we are often discourage in this valley of tears.  In our continuous struggle against our passions vain desires, come to our aid so that we too may enjoy that serene and sweet inner peace which is a reward for Christian living and powerful invitation to seek union with all of God’s saints in heaven.


            St. Anthony, glorious light of the Franciscan Order, your wisdom, inspired by the Holy Spirit was always clothed in humility.  You did not display your gifts in pride.  But inspired from high, you set an example of Christian learning for the Glory of God and the instruction f his people.  O most faithful advocate obtain also for us a spark of that divine knowledge which can enlighten our lives, lead us to experience eternal joys and, fix our attention on Our loving Saviour.  May we never grow proud because of the gifts of God bestowed on us.  Let us use them for the benefit of our neighbor and for our final reward in heaven.


            St. Anthony, you raise the cross before sinners and saints to be a sign of the price God paid to show us His love to be our only hope of salvation and to give us salvation and to give us courage in suffering.  You always preached penance a turning away from anyone and anything that separates us from God, even slightly.  You put the First Thing First, the dying of Jesus given to us that we might enter into His spirit as he died and His resurrection , which He wants to share with us.  Help us to die to sin large and small and by this dying to be lifted up in grace once for all as we die and many times throughout our days.


            Glorious St. Anthony, through your holy life, you merited to have our prayers heard and answered by our Lord and Saviour.  Through your intercession, may our prayers be heard and answered by Him frequently and for long hours you were intimately united with Christ in meditation and contemplation.  Neither earthly joys nor human honors could satisfy the longings of your heart set aflame by the infinite beauty of Christ’s glorified humanity.  Our heavenly patron may your powerful intercessions obtain an answer to all our prayers.


            Sweet Anthony, your innocent love merited for the singular privilege of holding the Infant Jesus in your arms.  This unusual favor was your foretaste of heavenly glory.  Since we are unworthy to be blessed with a similar gesture of Christ’s love help us to see and love Jesus in all the poor and suffering of the world.  Move us to clothe, feed and help Jesus in all unwanted, abused and abandoned children and people.  Lead us, for the sake of Jesus who became a child like one of us to respect, protect all human life from its beginning to its end.  Help us to live in such a way now that we may be worthy of Christ’s embrace in the heavenly Jerusalem.


            Oh St. Anthony, we marvel at your enthusiasm you were a light in the Church through your teaching, enlighten our souls and open it to the divine truth.  You said, that not many hear the Word of God willingly.  The reason for this rests, in the fact that the doctrine of Christ does not play a melody of adulation it does not flatter the sinners and it does not promise earthly goods instead it severely warns and teaches to mortify the flesh  and despise the world. We pray that our devotion may awaken our cold hearts full with the creature comforts and distractions of or day.  May the spirit of your teaching inflame our hearts that we may live the gospel faithfully and be living witnesses of His Kingdom here on earth.


            St. Anthony, during your life you imitated St. Francis of Assisi in his love for Gospel poverty and for the poor.  While you desired little for yourself you were constantly alive to the needs of the poor and little people of the world.  You shared what you had with them and demanded justice for them.  We ask now, in your name that we may not be overly desirous of wealth or possessions.  May we share what we have with other less fortunate. Make us always instruments and voices for peace and justice in our world.
(To be prayed after each Novena prayer)
ALL:  Gracious Father, we thank you for giving us St. Anthony to be our model who lived the gospel faithfully.  We thank you father for the blessing we have received through the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua.  With complete trust in You like our saint, may we always seek your face in our brothers and sisters that we may serve and love one another and build the heavenly kingdom here on earth where You live and reign with your Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.  Amen.


Priest: Saint Anthony, our Patron and our Advocate.
People: Grant us what we ask of you.
Priest: Saint Anthony, powerful in word and in deed.
People: Grant us what we ask of you.
Priest: Saint Anthony, attentive to those who invoke thee.
People: Grant us what we ask of you.
Priest: Saint Anthony, glory of the Church and honor of the Franciscan Order.
People: Grant us what we ask of you.
Priest: Saint Anthony, whom the Infant Jesus so much loved and honored.
People: Grant us what we ask of you.


This prayer of praise in honor of St. Anthony was composed by St. Bonaventure.  It is sung frequently in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua and every Tuesday throughout the world.
If then you ask for miracles,
Death, error, all calamities,
Leprosy and demons fly,
And health succeeds infirmities.
The sea obeys and fetters break,
And lifeless limbs you do restore;
While treasures lost are found again,
When young and old your aid implore.
All dangers vanish at your prayer,
And direst need does quickly flee;
Let those who know your power proclaim
Let Paduans say: these are yours.
To Father, Son, may glory be
And Holy Spirit, eternally.
V. Pray for us Blessed Anthony.
R. Make us worthy of the promises of Christ.


O GOD! May the votive commemoration of Blessed Anthony, the Confessor and Doctor be a source of joy to your Church that she may always be fortified with spiritual assistance and may deserve to possess eternal joy.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.
(After the responsory  an indulgence of 300 days once a year.  A plenary indulgence once a month under the usual conditions, if this responsory together with its versicle, and collect be said daily.  S.P. Ap. Jan. 30, 1936.)


Most loving protector St. Anthony what can we give you in exchange to show our heartfelt gratitude.  With your continued help we will show appreciation to you by being more faithful to God more constant in prayer and dedicated to do good to those nearest to us.  We praise you for the esteem in which your name is held throughout the world, for the miracles and wonders with which you have filled the Church and the world, and for the many benefits we, devotees keep receiving through your gracious help.  May these intentions convey our great thanks to the triune God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to our Blessed Lady Queen of heaven and earth.


            All powerful and everlasting God you are eternal salvation to all who believe in you hear our petition for all your faithful who are sick.  Grant that those who are afflicted with all kinds of illness may understand that they share in the suffering of your Son Jesus Christ.  May our prayer through the intercession of our dear St. Anthony your beloved servant grant them healing of body and soul so that once again they may serve you with all their strength.  This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


            O glorious St. Anthony servant and friend of God, we salute you through the most loving heart of our Divine Savior Jesus Christ whom you did hold in your pure arms under the form of a child.  We choose you today as our patron advocate and father.  We place all our cares and temptations in your hands.  We earnestly resolve never to forsake you.
            Great Saint lily of celestial purity and vanquisher of concupiscence obtain for us and all your other devotees perfect purity of body and soul.
We, in imitation of your zeal also promise to lead others to the knowledge love and service of God, through our own example and counsel.


Sing joyful praises to the King
A loyal soldier’s recompense
To Anthony, he grants this grace
His miracles through human world.
O Anthony God’s chosen one
With mortal eyes you saw your Lord.
A solemn pledge of glorious life,
A foretaste of your own reward.
From Padua first, to east and west
Arose a hymn of praise and fame;
Through heaven’s grace, we still affirm
Unending honor to your name.  (Refrain)
May glory t the father be
And to the Son eternally
The spirit too, in essence one,
In persons three, be honor done.  (Refrain)



            O Blessed St. Anthony, The grace of God has made you a powerful advocate in all necessities and the patron for the restoration of things lost or stolen.  To you we return today with child-like love and heartfelt confidence.  How many thousands have you miraculously aided in the recovery of lost goods.  You are the counselors of sinners, the comforter of the afflicted, the healer of the sick, the raiser of the dead, the deliverer of the captive, the refuge of the afflicted.  To you do we hasten O Blessed St. Anthony. Help us in our affliction.  We entrust what we have lost to your care, in the secure hope  that you will restore it to be the greater glory of God and to the benefit of our soul.  Amen..


Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us!
Holy Mary, Pray for us!
Holy Father Francis,
St. Anthony of Padua,
St. Anthony, Glory of the Order of Friars Minor,
St. Anthony, Martyr in desiring to die for Christ,
St. Anthony, Pillar of the Church,
St. Anthony, Worthy priest of God,
St. Anthony, Apostolic Preacher,
St. Anthony, Teacher of Truth,
St. Anthony, Hammer of Heretics,
St. Anthony, Terror of Evil Spirits,
St. Anthony, Comforter of the Afllicted,
St. Anthony, Helper in Necessities,
St. Anthony, Deliverer of Captives,
St. Anthony, Guide of the Erring ,
St. Anthony, Restorer of the Lost Things,
St. Anthony, Chosen Intercessor,
St. Anthony, Continuous Worker of Miracles,
Be merciful unto us, (Spare us, O Lord)
Be merciful unto us (Hear us, O Lord!)
From all evil, O Lord deliver us!
From all sin,
From all dangers body and soul,
From the snares of the evil,
From pestilence, famine and war,
From eternal death,
Through the merits of St. Anthony,
Through his zeal for the conversion of sinners,
Through his desire for the crown of martyrdom,
Through his fatigues and labors,
Through his preaching and teaching,
Through his tears of penance,
Through his patience and humility,
Through his glorious death,
Through his wonderful deeds,
In the day of judgment,
We sinners, graciously hear us!
That we may be brought to true penance,
That we may be granted patience in our trials,
That we may be assisted in our necessities,
That our petitions be granted,
That divine love may be kindled within us,
That we may be favored with the protection and intercession of St. Anthony, Son of God,
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world (Spare us, O Lord!)
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world (Graciously hear us, O Lord!)
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world (Have mercy on us, O Lord!)
Christ, hear us! (Christ, graciously hear us!)
V. Pray for us St. Anthony
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


            Almighty and eternal God, who glorified your faithful confessor  Anthony with the perpetual gift of working miracles graciously grant that what we confidently seek through his merits we may surely receive  by his intercession.  Through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.


            St. Anthony, you distinguished yourself for truly human and Christian wisdom, I entrust my studies to your guidance.  You know how important they are for my life and what commitment they require of me: grant me a firm will to apply myself with constancy, the intelligence to penetrate the wonders of science, a memory to remember and use what I have been taught.
            May school be for me an arena of life where I may learn together with human knowledge the teachings of the Gospel.
            Through your help, may I continue and conclude successfully may studies and thus be useful to others and find my place in life with Christian responsibility.  Amen.


St. Anthony, you live a simple life
Through prayer and devotion
In the silence of the morn.
In lowliness and joy you serve the poor
With gentle, caring, loving heart.
St. Anthony of Padua we implore
O teach us how to live the gospel way of life.
You’re chosen by the Lord to lead us on
To the path of life in simplicity, humility and joy.
The spirit leads you on to preach the Word
With visions of fraternity  and detachment from all things.
You care and share with missionary zeal.
You heal with gentle love aglow.
We thank you, O Most Holy Trinity
The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
Triune yet One God.
You gifted us with St. Anthony
To be your instrument of peace.
(Repeat Refrain, and end…)
to the path of life, in simplicity, humility
and perfect joy.

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